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A Sample part of Vanessa Bee Movie Story: my gratitude for cleaning up our home, thanked Starfire. This is most generous of you.Somethin goin on? asked Cyborg.No, replied Robin quickly.As Raven sat meditating in front of the large windows that overviewed part of the city and the lake, Cyborg sat at one of the consoles nearby.This behavior of Robins was bugging him. It seemed weird and also it seemed that Robin was hiding something.Slade was the first thing that came to mind.But that was over and done with. And besides, Robin had told them that he would never hide anything from them again.He remembered hearing Robin tearing up that piece of paper but when he checked the garbage, Cyborg found that it had already been emptied.Computer, said Cyborg to the console, which was voice interactive, review all transmissions sent to Robins quarters within the last 24 hours.The computer beeped and replied in a mechanical female voice, Working.There was another beep and the last transmission appeared on screen.He is coming.Merry ChristmasDGComputer, said Cyborg, review all transmissions sent to Robins quarters since the Teen Titans was formed-excluding the ones sent by Slade.A huge list of transmissions came up but they all seemed to be coming from the same person: Bruce Wayne.Then Cyborg found it.One that was addressed to Robin but not from Wayne.Who is Richard Grayson?Cyborg accessed the letter.Hey Tim! Hear you guys had a bit of trouble with some HIVE kids. Dont sweat it. I c...
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