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...ght inside, and noticed a coffee mug on the table. But unbeknownst to Johnny, his arch rival at school-Sissy Bladely had snuck right up behind him.Hey Test, are you trying to sneak to find the latest quiz answers? asked Sissy to Johnny which spooked him.Dont do that! cried Johnny.Well sorry replied Sissy, Say what were you spying on in the Teachers Lounge?That coffee pot said Johnny.Sissy then thought up of a dare to certainly beat Johnny at, to which she then began to give some sort of an evil grin toward him.Say Johnny, I dare you to take a sip of that horrible black stuff in there said Sissy to Johnny.You mean take a sip of the icky black coffee? asked Johnny.Yeah, thats right replied Sissy, or are you chicken?Fine, you got yourself a dare replied Johnny.In fact, lets also make this into a contest, Ill drink some of that icky black coffee as well to see wholl last longest with it will win said Sissy.Sounds fair enough to me replied Johnny, lets grab that coffee mug over there before a teacher comes by.Stop right there Johnny Test! cried a familiar voice.As Johnny and Sissy turned around, Johnny noticed it was Mr. Teacherman standing right in front of them with his own coffee mug staring right at them.Just what are you two planning to do, you ...
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