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...e wrapped a protective arm around my neck and frowned at Kevin, This douche givin you trouble?Kevin smiled at Stuart, Stuey!In a flat voice, Stuart muttered, Call me that again and youll wake up to find your balls in a jar, Tucker.You have anger problems, Kevin told him, Has anybody ever told you that?Once or twice or a zillion time. Fuck if it matters, Stuart replied with a smirk, You spilled Brofs beer.Yeah, dude, Kevins eyes widened, with the earnestness of a true drunk, Im sorry!No problem, I told him, because it wasnt a problem. Hed paid for the beer. Stuart handed me his, warmed a bit from the palm of his calloused hand. It was half finished, but I didnt care. I downed the rest and dropped the bottle on the floor. The shag carpet stopped it from breaking, but a couple more amber drops spilled out. Kevin didnt care. He was too plastered.Broflovski, McCormick, Im like, so glad you guys came, he babbled with alcohol induced enthusiasm, Can you believe we graduated? Man, its such a trip.Yeah. And kind of the point of school, Stuart sneered. Kevin completely missed his sarcasm, nodding like that was the wisest thing hed ever heard.Stuart rolled his eyes. Then he dropped his arm from my shoulders and left, returning a minute later with two more uncapped beers. Kevin made a grab for one, but Stuart deftly dodged, all the while taking long gulps from his bottle.Realizing he wasnt about to get any of the liquor, Kevin st...
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