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...maam, I can drive m-myself home, if that is alright at all? The nurse nods slowly, and I leave the nurses office and then go out the front door. Never looking back. The one good thing about being beaten up, the South Park teachers let you leave. Supposedly to stop you from being bullied anymore.As I get into my car, which is parked about a block from the school, I had to walk to that point; I drive myself home, and enter the house. I smile at the emptiness. Its nice to live by yourself, no one to hurt you and no one to make fun of you, its really quite pleasant. I take off my coat and my and put it onto the coat hook next to the door, and make my way into the kitchen.My headache is still burning in my head, it was a miracle I could drive home, I realize to myself now. I open the cupboard and search for anything to dull the pain. I dont have any aspirin so I grab some ibuprofen. Its pretty much the same thing. The bottle says anyone over 12 should take one two if the pain doesnt dull My headache hurts so much, I decide to take three. It couldnt do too much damage, could it? The bottle says dont take more than six, and three is hardly six.I look down at myself, my white shirt is bloodstained and my shorts are ripped. Oh, that is no good...I make my way up the stairs into my bedroom, which is darkened by the fact that the blinds are closed and my light bulb has been broken for a few days now. I sigh and look around. Its not a very good bedroom, quit...

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