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... yes! I totally forgot about this one and its one of the ones I most enjoyed writing too! Much like the church thing, I should not associate flu with cross dressing. Enjoy my warped mind Its set when theyre a little older, theyre living together in my mind so... yeah. I only have two more ready-written after this one so Ill probably start taking number requests soonDisclaimer: I do not own South Park or any of its characters.xoxI still dont see how this is supposed to make you better, Craig. Tweek Tweak muttered to his long-term boyfriend, loud enough for the other, a one Craig Cramer, to hear him through the closed bathroom door.Really, Craig had some odd ideas some times... Oh, but it will make me feel better, at the very least. The brunette replied, a happiness in his voice that had been lost for the past few days thanks to the flu-bug he had managed to catch. You do want me to feel better, dont you, Blondie...? Tweek rolled his eyes, he could just imagine the fake pout and puppy-dog eyes thatwent along with that question.Do I? He grumbled back, pulling at the clothes he had somehow been convinced to wear, God! They were tight and not particularly easy to put on, either.The things I do for...Hey! Followed by a light coughing fit came the response to the question the blonde had no...
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