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A Sample part of Planet 51 Story: to me to grab a soda.]Gaz: (sighs) I think I need one of those diet sodas. Shloonktapooxis told a joke this morning and somehow I didnt get it.ZADRFan29: I got my own problems, your brother gave me a black eye yesterday and its still there. (I show her the black eye on my face.)Gaz: I think what you did to Zim and Dib was actually pretty funny.ZADRFan29: At least someone thought it was funny. (Xena walks over to the both of us with Helena.)Xena: I think it was funny and it was actually pretty cute too.Helena: That eye I saw yesterday, made me throw up my lunch.ZADRFan29: Sorry I had to that to you Helena, but Lard Nar and Nny wanted to see how bad it was. Its not that bad today, but yesterday it was pretty bad.Xena: So whos up today?ZADRFan29: Well, today its Gaz and Tallest Red. Later its gonna be you Xena.Gaz: So when am I up?ZADRFan29: (checks watch on wrist) Youre up pretty soon. So you better get ready. (Gaz nods and walks away.)Helena: Arent you gonna do a song?ZADRFan29: No, Im the host. Besides, who wants to hear the host with a black eye sing? (walks away)[Meanwhile, Lard Nar walks up to Dib to ask him the question about Tak.]Lard Nar: So Dib, what do think of Tak?Dib: Tak? Well she may be an alien like Zim, but there is one thing that Ive been keeping private that I dont want her to hear. You see, Tak is well, just not my kind, but when shes angry she is kind of ...

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