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...on to her. She was beautiful. When she talked, she had the voice of an angel. The first time I saw her was at Blueprint Heaven. Apparently she had gone to pick up a blueprint for her father. The second time I saw her was when I was taking Meap's ship for a ride. So when I saw her again at the mall, I was shocked. She appeared to be after the element in the showcase, but Baljeet and Buford got to it before she did. But it got knocked out of their hands, so I went to go get it. It rolled into a factory room and I saw her go after it. When she kissed me, I thought I would die. I don't know why I'm so attracted to her, but I am...Vanessa's POV:I looked back at him before I left to go find Dad, who had gotten into trouble...again. He is like a kid sometimes. But back to him... He's so unique. He has spiky green hair, dark brown eyes... When I first saw him, I couldn't help but look at him. He was picking up a blueprint for an ice cream machine. After he left, I asked the lady at the counter for his name. Oh, he's a regular. she replied. I don't have his first name, but his last name is Fletcher. Okay, thanks. The next time I saw him, he pulled up beside me in what appeared to be a spaceship of some sort. When he pulled down his glasses and gave me a flirty look, I smiled at him. I...

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