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...That's what Helen thinks" Jessica replied. Ned was slient on the phone not knowing what to say. "What's wrong Neddy? Can ask for advice but no give any well thanks alot" Reverand Lovejoy said throwing down his phone. From inside Ned's house he threw up his hands and looked toward heaven. "Has the whole world go insane?" He asked. More than you know, More than you know.A few hours later and a few more kisses given a knock on the door came. Lisa was the first at the door when she opened she smiled but it was quickly washed away when she was handed her restraining order. "Thanks Rod" Lisa muttered. Rod shrugged. "I didn't think he was surious" Rod told her. Lisa gave him a hug. "Were still dating right?" Rod asked. Lisa looked at him for a moment giving the current events it might of been better if they did wait before they started a relsionship. But the feelings she had in her heart were overpowering her judgment she put a hand of his shoulder. "Of course we'll find away" Lisa said. Rod smiled. The two stared at each other a moment just staring into each others eyes until Bart waltzed infront of them. "Hey Rod sorry about your brother he really pissed me off" Bart apolgized. Rod was about to reply but Bart was already being led away by another female. "So many birthday kisses to go" Bart said as he ...
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