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... been fukken tricked! Arm up you lazy cunts, we've got fresh meat to kill!" Gaige dashed to the wall and quickly pulled out a small machine gun, loading a clip in and shouting to be heard above the noise. "Deathtrap! Rip 'em up!" Deathtrap didn't need to hear any more commands, he rose up from the back of the Technical and hovered forward with immense speed, it's claws tearing through psychos, nomads and midgets. Gaige rouned a corner and began opening fire on any lucky enough to avoid deathtraps claws, wiping out the front gate with ease. Flanksteak screamed once more, cursing up a storm. "You useless bunch of fucking shitheads, I'm gonna rape all'a ya fukken corpses, using y'er blood as lube! Good-for-nothing cockguzzlers, Bad Maw! Fuck 'er up, shes all yours! The corpse too!" Gaige's brow furrowed, she spun around in time to see a giant, badass nomad leaping from the bridge and landing infront of her, swinging a shield round to block Gaiges range, and showing off three captive midgets. The screams of the midgets were nearly enough to drown out the sound of deathtrap spinning, nearly. Before Bad Maw could even say anything, Deathtrap had taken his head from his torso ripping through the thick armour like a plasma cutter through warm butter. Gaige immediately lowere...
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