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...much chit-chat, so little time, a silky voice said from the shadows. Camryn and Danny twisted around. If looks could kill, the look on Camryns face wouldve completely destroyed the owner of the voice.The person slowly walked out of the shadow. Danny gaped. A girl in her teens stood there. Dark brown hair, bright red eyes. He knew at once that she was a ghost; normal people dont usually float. She wore a dark red t-shirt and black pants. She grinned evilly at Camryn, who glared back.Well, well, well, we meet again. Hopefully, today well have a fair fight, she said in a silky voice.Let me out of these chains and Ill show you a fair fight, Vendetta, Camryn snarled.Temper temper, the girl, Vendetta, muttered. Camryn growled. Vendetta turned and looked at Danny.Whos your little friend? she asked.As if you dont know, Camryn growled.Vendetta looked pleased with herself. Yes, Danny Phantom. You were right. I did know!Danny gaped. Vendetta turned and started to walk back to the shadows.Well, I must say, I am very pleased! I figured that I would have to track down the only two people that protect the ghost zone separately, but then my Dark Shadows delivered them both to me in the same trip! I cannot tell you how happy I am!Of, course, I highly doubt that you two have even met before. A made-halfa an...
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