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...She groans and grinds her hips against his even more earnestly. His hardness feels so good pressed against her, and the friction of their bodies create a pleasure that threatens to consume her. He reaches between them in order to press his fingers between her legs and Korra actually does scream. He touches a spot that causes her to nearly see stars, and she bucks almost desperately against him, He's watching her the entire time, even when she eventually comes and slumps against him – sore and drained. Korra thinks that she'll never forget the intensity of his eyes at that moment, before he stands, almost pained to do so and leaves. Korra isn't sure if their friendship will ever recover from this, if they've both damaged what they've had even further, and this causes her to nearly cry in frustration. Chapter 2: Heat It's almost unbearably hot. Korra kissed him with a fierceness that sears him to his bones. His skin feels as though he has gotten to close to an open flame and in a way that's what Korra is – fire. Everything about her is meant to set the world a flame, and in a way he supposes that it was natural for to melt down the barriers that he's erected between himself and the world because it is the nature of fire to destroy. But fire also created, he discovered, because with every barrier of his that she managed to tear down she also rejuvenated him, breathing in new life into his very being. She's straddling him on the bed, her hips grinding against...
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