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...ensations suddenly coursing through her as his lips move against hers, eyes fluttering shut. She wraps her arms around his neck and his arms wrap around her waist, holding her tightly against him. All too soon for her liking, he pulls away, amber eyes unreadable as he studies her face, gauging her reaction. "I.. I don't know what came over me," he stutters, obviously embarrassed. "Sorry." She grins saucily at him. "Don't be." Truth to be told, she's wanted to know what this would be like with him for a long time now; she's not blind, after all, and he is very handsome. Tall, lean and muscled, too – she's seen how the girls stare at him, heard how they cheer him on in the Pro Bending Arena – and really, Korra knows she's had a crush on him for a long time now, maybe even more than just a crush. It's not just his appearance, either, but she has to admit that she's fallen for the whole mysterious, tall dark stranger thing; she remembers when she first saw him and recalls the immediate attraction she'd felt. It's amplified by the way that he's not like Bolin in that aspect; easy to get, easier to lose. Of course she loves him, as a friend, but there's been something more stirring in the pit of her stomach when their gazes meet, when she steals glances at him out of the corner of her eye. It might just be her imagination, but she swears Mako's gaze often lingers on her, too, ...

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