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... drone. "Now be quiet and keep an eye on him until we've got STAR Labs back-up here." Speedy gritted his teeth. Chemo was either playing dead or truly frozen now. "Look out!"Smaller Chemos moved towards the Titans, having emerged from the chunk that had been frozen. Whether or not this thing had a primitive brain was now being debated. The monstrosities leapt at Speedy, who dove to the side, only to be leapt at again by another smaller group. "I'm surrounded!" The Chemos slowly chewed away at the pavement beneath them. Raven picked the ones closest too her up and suspended them mid-air. Speed dove under them and pulled out his trick arrows He stabbed at the nearest Chemo Jr. and it froze in place, dropping to the ground with a shattering sound."Well," Beast Boy said, "Now we know it was a good idea not to shatter that thing.""Yeah," Cyborg said. "Real good idea. You okay, Speedy?""Yeah," Speedy said, breathing heavily. "Real good. Could they be any slower?" Chemo twitched again. "Oh great, and Monster Sr.'s beginning to move again as well." He loaded his bow and aimed, "Well, pard'ner, draw."Chemo did, removing the arrows that had previously tore into his container. Speedy's eyes widened. He quickly fired and then jumped on top of a nearby car. The others followed suit. "I don't believe it. He's leaking.""This is great," Beast Boy said, "Is there anything to that thing but chemicals?""No," Robin said, descending from above on Starfire's careful...

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