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A Sample part of Goof Troop Peg Story: him a slightly incredulous look but he just kissed her forehead and repeated himself.I love you Mulan.I love you too. Shang knelt before her and all she could do was pray that he would ask what she hoped he would ask.Will you marry me?Yes! she screamed as she jumped on him. It sent them both rolling down the hill they had been upon. When they stopped at the bottom she was lying on top of him. She bent down and they shared the most passionate kiss they had ever had.Chi Fu galloped down the trail towards Mulans village. Little did anyone know that he and the Mulans matchmaker, Tai Jin, had been seen each other for quite some time now. They had met at one of the emperors celebrations and their picky pessimist attitudes had drawn the two of them together. They had spent the whole evening laughing at other peoples looks.He reached the village where he saw a crowd dispersing from in front of Tai Jins house. He heard a lot of whispers and gossiping as he pushed his horse through the crowd.Just galloped up, went in and came out with a bride!She really got swept of her feet!I wish that could happen to me! Chi Fu sniffed at the milling peasants. He had no clue what they were going on about but he quickly forgot as he dismounted and climbed the steps into Tai Jins house. As he entered a teapot was hurled at his head and he ducked just in time.Who is here! Get out! The matchmaking is finished for today! Ti...

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