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...""AAAAHHHH!!!" screamed Zack as he went unconscous again. Moments later, Zack wakes up and to see Meg looking at him."Meg? I had the most horrible dream," said Zack, "I dreamt that you-""ZACK STOP DOING THAT!!! I'M PREGNANT FOR REAL!!!" shouted Meg as she shook Zack.Zack was about to go unsonscious again, but Meg slapped him."Sorry," said Zack."Did you hear that, Peter?" asked Lois, "We're going to be grandparents!""Grandparent?!?" said Peter as he was coming to, "But that makes me old!""Peter, you're 43!" said Lois, "You're already old.""I don't know what to say," said Zack as he stood up, "I mean, I'm going to be a dad!""I know," said Meg, "At first I was scared at the thought of us being parents, but I think we can do it.""You really want to have this baby?" asked Zack."Zack, It's not just a baby," said Meg, "This is the start of a family. OUR family.""A family, huh? Alright, let's do it!" said Zack."Meg, I know that I said I became pro-choice when you were born, but I'm proud that you're willing to take responsibilty in having a child," said Lois."Thanks," said Meg "But you know, I'm kinda scared though.""Well, of course you should be scared," said Peter, "I mean, when you get to the 6th month of pregnancy you start to look like a balloon.""Then you're ankles start to swell up," said Lois."And then you start getting stretch marks in your stomache and then there's t...

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