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...they were at her side & they wanted revenge too. Blue, lets go somewhere else Jenna whispered to Sapphire. Ok you understand how I feel, not like SOME people! Sapphire said aiming it at Muffy who was sitting 5 tables away. Of course Muffy heard and scowled with angry eyes.Soooooo, what we doing here? Sapphire asked. Remember about revenge on Muffy? Fern whispered to Sapphire. Well you are the chosen one to fight her Francine said to a terrified girl. I- uh-m-m-me?! she asked dumbfounding. Uh yeah! You have the nerve to destroy her just like Cleopatra did for the war on Rome, your going to fight. Now lets have a strategy? Sue Ellen said to her. How about a cat fight! Prunella said. All in favor? asked Fern holding her hand up. I all the girls said back. And Im going to fight her, no matter what happens! Sapphire said in a brave voice. For England! she yelled. There goes the bravest girl to fight that backstabber ever! Francine said softly. The girls ran to see the fight take place.At RecessHey Muffy go fix your hair! Sapphire said to her. Shut up Witch! Muffy said to her smirking a stupid face full of smugness and pride. GRRRRRR!! Sapphire growled and pounced at Muffy with her hands in a chokehold. BAM!! CATFIGHT!! yelled Arthur and ran off. Punching, screaming, scratching, yelling, kicks, and yanking hair filled the air Guys stop- OW Muffy bit me!! Fern yelled holding her hand. Muffy got up and ran to the sch...

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